Kids First Day of School Picture Ideas Inspired by Pinterest

This Pin Inspired project was a recreation of several first day of school picture ideas I saw on Pinterest.

capture memories of the first day of school with special pictures
capture memories of the first day of school with special pictures

How I did this project:

I knew there wouldn’t be time for special pictures on the first day of school, so I had my daughter get dressed up in her first day of school outfit the day before. We picked serveral “photo shoot” locations to snap away.

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Many of the first day of school photos I saw on Pinterest had first day memories – like favorite things – on the photo itself off to the side.  So to recreate the Pin Inspired photo I made sure that a lot of the pictures I took were offset and next to something that would give me a good backdrop to add words to the photo (like a tree, brick, siding of a house).

first day of school favorites picture

I came up with a handful of questions to ask my daughter about things that I knew were her favorites and then I added the words onto the photo in PhotoShop. You could easily do this in another program like Word or Powerpoint too. There were so many cute things to include I decided to make several versions of the picture.

Of course the first day of school I took the usual getting onto the school bus pictures too (we had her take off her first day of school outfit right after the photo shoot so it would stay clean!), but it is really special to have these posed pictures as a nice keepsake photo to capture the special memories.

UPDATE: Check out my post for First Grade First Day of School Pictures for our first grader’s photo shoot – its amazing how much she grew in one year!

Pin Inspired Source:

This project was Pin Inspired by my Kindergarten School Board on Pinterest

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