Kindergarten First Day of School Picture with Sidewalk Chalk

This Pin Inspired project is a great way to commemorate the first day of school for Kindergarten or any other grade.

kindergarten school picture chalk

How I did this Project:

I saw a similar photo on Pinterest and got inspired… so I tried to recreate it as best I could because the original was so cute!

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We choose the top part of our driveway to write Kindergarten with sidewalk chalk making the “K” bigger and bolder than the other letters. I choose to do the K in pink chalk and the other letters in purple chalk.

sidewalk chalk first day school

Note this was actually harder than you would think – make sure you have plenty of chalk for filling in the K (the driveway cement uses a lot of chalk). Also – and this sounds silly – make sure you know how to spell Kindergarten! Yes, I had a small mistake that I had to correct. ;(

Also make sure that you give yourself plenty of room to write the full word for Kindergarten (if its First Grade or another grade you still need a good amount of space).

kidergarten word in chalk picture

Taking the picture is a little tricky too. You will need to get out a good ladder to get a top-down view of the chalk word. In retrospect a wide-angle lens would have also been helpful!

kindergarten first day school picture

We tried to recreate the original photo as best we could – and actually having my daughter wear sunglasses was good because she had to look up at the camera and the sun was bothering her eyes (this may be why the girl in the Pinterest inspiration photo was wearing sunglasses too!)

kidergarten first day school chalk

We also had my daughter wear her first day of school outfit for the pictures (we did the photo shoot the day before the first day along with some other first day of school photos). I was a little worried that she would get chalk on the outfit which was definitely possible… so be prepared to wash the outfit if it happens!

first day school picture chalk

After we took the more “formal” pictures we had a lot of fun with the photo shoot. And actually the fun pictures when I let my daughter go a little crazy (and I wasn’t trying to get an exact shot) turned out to be some of my favorite photos.

This last picture where she appears to be jumping for joy is so cute because it just shows how excited she is about her first day of Kindergarten!

I can’t wait until next year when we take pictures for first grade!
UPDATE: Check out my post for First Grade First Day of School Pictures for our first grader’s photo shoot – its amazing how much she grew in one year!

Pin Inspired Source:

This project was Pin Inspired by my Kindergarten School Board on Pinterest

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