DIY Fall Wreath with Leaves and Sunflowers

This Pin Inspired autumn wreath project was easy and cheap to create!

fall leaf sunflower wreath

I am super inspired by wreaths lately… and I decided that I want to have one for every season… maybe every holiday!

So when it came time for a fall wreath I looked in the craft stores and could not believe how much pre-made wreaths were to buy! And on top of that, most of them were not in great shape sitting around in the store with either berries falling off or leaves all creased.

How I did this project:

I went to my local craft store (got this one at Michel’s) and started with a round twig wreath for the base. It was the most expensive part of the project – about $10. Then I went over to the individual flower stems and picked out some sunflowers in different colors. I also picked out some berry stems for an added autumn effect. Each stem was only $1-$2.

The cheapest part of the wreath was adding the autumn leaves. I found an inexpensive leaf garland that I was able to cut up and create individual leaves for the wreath. Note that it was around late September and there were many autumn things to choose from at the craft store.

To assemble the wreath I started with the biggest flowers, positioning them around the wreath. Because of their weight I left a little stem behind the flower and tied them onto the twig wreath with some brown floral wire. Then, I filled in some of the gaps with the berry stems using the same brown wire.

For the lighter fall leaves it was much easier and faster to just use a hot glue gun to attach the leaves onto the wreath. After my first round of gluing on leaves I realized I need MUCH more to create a fuller effect. So I just kept adding leaves until I liked the effect of the wreath.

We hung this wreath on our door with a magnet hook and it was on the door from the beginning of October until just after Thanksgiving when we swapped it out for our Christmas wreath. The fall wreath held up really good, losing only a few leaves over the almost two months it was on the front door.

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