Felt Christmas Tree Craft and Decorating Activity for Kids

A felt Christmas tree with felt ornaments is a Pin Inspired project that serves as a great kid’s craft, playtime activity and holiday decor.

felt christmas tree craft

I found this idea on Pinterest when I was searching for fun kids projects for Christmas. The felt Christmas tree with ornaments was such a cute idea… and both my five year old and 15 month old absolutely love decorating it!

How I did this project:

Being somewhat of a crafting newbie, I have never actually worked with felt before. When I first saw images of these felt Christmas trees on Pinterest I thought “how do the ornaments actually stick to the tree?” Well silly me, it turns out felt sticks to felt. With just a little pat you can place felt pieces on top of a piece of felt.

So off I went to my local craft store (Joann Fabrics and Crafts) in search of supplies! My first stop was at the larger yards of felt material to find the perfect green for the tree. Luckily a helpful store sales rep came by and when I explained what I was looking for she knew instantly what I needed (turns out the Christmas felt tree project had become very popular on Pinterest, so I was not the first one looking for help!)

The craft store sales rep suggested 1 yard of green would be large enough for the tree. Then, rather than purchasing a minimum of a yard for other colors to create the ornaments she pointed me to where I could find 12 inch squares of felt. Jackpot! I picked up about 6 different colors at only about $.30 each. Then even had a few sparkly ones to choose from. I also wanted to decorate the ornaments so I picked up some nice velvet ribbon.

Total cost for the felt materials and ribbon materials was about $10.

The hardest part of this project was cutting out the tree shape from the piece of green felt. I decided it would look just fine making a large triangle as the tree (my cutting skills are not good enough to creat a branch effect). So I used a large level to draw a straight line for each side of the triangle and cut it out.

Some crafters suggest using flat head push pins to put it on the wall. I decided I didn’t want to worry about the kids accidentially pulling out the pins and getting stuck, plus I didn’t want to put a bunch of holes in the wall. So I used pieces of 3M tape to attach the felt and protect the wall.

felt christmas tree craft

My five year old was able to get in on the craft action when it came time to create the ornaments. She used a marker to trace a round candle base on the pieces of felt and then (with a little help from mom) cut out the ornaments. She also cut pieces of ribbon to decorate the ornaments (affixed with a hot glue gun by mom). For the star at the top of the tree we traced a cookie cutter on some gold felt.

In the end we had a very cute kid-friendly Christmas decor that provides a nice activity for the kids to decorate “their own tree”. They don’t play with it all the time of course, but on and off throughout the holiday season. Usually the toddler takes off the ornaments and then my older daughter re-decorates the tree…. again and again!

decorate felt christmas tree activity

After Christmas we took the tree down, folded it up and put it away with the rest of the holiday decorations. Can’t wait to bring it out again next year!

(Update: This has now become part of our annual decorating for Christmas. The kids love helping to decorate with the fabric tree every year… I pin up the tree and hand them over the box of fabric Christmas balls to decorate as they wish!)

Pin Inspired Source

Pin Inspired by: Christmas for Kids Board on Pinterest 

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