Family Binder for Organizing Kitchen Papers and Clutter

A very simple Pin Inspired project that keeps all your important paperwork, take-out menus, kid’s school calendars and more in on easy-to-reference binder.

kitchen paperwork binder
This is a very simple idea, and not the most attractive project, but putting together a family binder to file and store all your frequently referenced paperwork is a great way to stay organized and reduce some clutter in your kitchen.

How to do this project:

The project is really simple. You’ll need just a few things:

  • Empty binder – pick the size based on how much stuff you think you’ll need in it
  • Three hole punch – so you can easily pop in paperwork
  • Plastic sleeves for inserting things like take-out menus
  • File dividers with tabs that you can write on

Of course you can customize this binder as much as you want (and even make it a little prettier quite frankly), but I kept things simple for this binder thinking some day I might spice up the cover or something.

binder organize kitchen papers

I keep the kid’s school calendar inside the front pocket to reference when needed (I’d rather hang my pretty photo calendars on my wall!) Then I created a tab for all my daughter’s important papers for school, a tab for important numbers to reference (like babysitters and doctors), and most importantly a tab for all those take-out menus!

For take-out menus it has been SO much better to keep menus organized rather than stuffed into the “junk drawer”. I grouped them by type – like pizza places and Chinese menus – so when we are in the mood for Chinese we just pull out the plastic sleeve with all the Chinese menus and can quickly find what we are looking for.

Pin Inspired Source:

This project was inspired by this Home Organization board on Pinterest

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