Create a Collage of Kids Drawings and Artwork

This Pin Inspired project lets you capture of all your children’s cherished drawings by arranging digital pictures of the artwork into one collage that you can in one print and frame.

kids drawing collage
use digital photos to create a collage of kids artwork

How I did this project:

This year my daughter started Kindergarten and while the artwork she brings home from school is a treasure – there are only so many treasures one parent can keep. So I decided to try to come up with a more streamlined way to save her artwork, while turning her drawings into a piece of art in itself.

I started by using my good DSLR camera to take close-up photos of each of her drawings. I found that taking the photos during good natural daytime light worked best because it created less glare from the camera’s flash. I would lay each picture down on the floor and take a straight-down picture of the drawing.

To keep the photos organized I created folders on my computer for all the pictures: Preschool Drawings, Kindergarten Drawings.

Next, I created a collage of the photos in PhotoShop (if you don’t have PhotoShop you could also do it in PowerPoint or Word… although I think it would be more challenging). I started by creating a new document size for the size of the print I wanted. For this project I decided to do 8×10.

The hard part is picking the image sizes you want for your drawing photos. I had a lot of photos so I decided on the number of photos I wanted and then resized the photos to consistent widths. For example, some were 2.5″ wide, others were 3″ wide. I decided to vary the sizes to create a more random collage effect.

Then you start moving the pictures around on PhotoShop to fit them together like a puzzle to create a photo collage. After it was complete I saved it as a JPG image and uploaded it to a photo site to print (I like Shutterfly). For this particular print I created 8×10 prints and bought simple 11×17 black frames with photo matts for an 8×10 photo. Needless to say the grandmothers were very pleased with these photos as gifts.

If creating a collage is too hard, you could always just take digital pictures of artwork, print them as 4×6 or 5×7 prints and frame the really special ones.

I plan to create larger prints that are poster size to use as decor in a play room some day. I also hope to have one for each school year… or for as long as I am able to continue to gather these treasured pieces of art from my kids!

Pin Inspired Source:

This project is Pin Inspired by this Kids Playroom Ideas Board on Pinterest.

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