Valentine Day Card Box Made with Recycled Six Pack

This Pin Inspired project is a fun way to create a Valentine’s Day Card box for kids to collect Valentines… and recycle too!


Exchanging Valentine’s Day cards at school is one event kids always look forward to… and having a cute card box to stash the cards in makes it even more fun.

How to do this project:

Rather than a simple shoe box, this box was created with a recycled six pack carrier – a Lancaster County Brewing Company Octoberfest six pack to be exact!

The idea is so brilliant, yet so super-easy to do. It makes the perfect carrying vessel for Valentine’s Day cards with a built in handle. There are even six little compartments to store your cards (or even divide them up if your kids are that organized!)

Kids Valentine Day Card Box

The fun part is decorating the six pack with your kids. For this project, it was decorated with red and purple construction paper glued on around the sides, along with foam stick-on hearts and cut out hearts. You can make the box as simple or as fancy as you’d like.

Valentine Box Recycled 6 pack

Easy to do craft project for a very functional Valentine’s Day card box that is also recycling something you probably have around the house (especially right after the Super Bowl)!

Pin Inspired Source:

kids valentine card boxThis project was inspired by this Kids Craft and Fun Ideas board on Pinterest and sent to me by my crafty friend Jana who created it with her 6 year old son Victor (who is VERY excited about Valentine’s Day!)

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