Stairway Wall Gallery with Pictures and Monogram Letters

There are a lot of wall gallery ideas on Pinterest, so I used several to inspire me to make a creative display of pictures, mirrors and monogram letters in the staircase leading to our basement family room.

stairway wall gallery

Using a variety of pictures that I like, along with monogram letters representing each of our family members, my stairway wall gallery creates an inviting entrance to our basement.

How I did this project:

I wanted to create a “beachy” theme in my stairway wall gallery because my basement has the same decor. So I started to collect different pictures I found with a sea or beach theme. I also added a variety of decorative mirrors because mirrors always help to open up tight spaces like staircases.

For the monogram letters, I added different colors and sizes of letters I found representing the initials of our first names as well as our last name initial.

As each of my three kids were born I added their monogram letter to the wall. Because I created a very eclectic display that intentionally did not match, there was no concern about finding the right letter to match.

You can usually find these large monogram letters in stores like Wayfair or Kohls. Or, if you are extra crafty, you could buy a large monogram letter at a craft store and paint or decorate it yourself.

wall staircase gallery monogram letters staircase gallery creative stairway gallery monogram letter gallery

picture wall gallery

The end result is a very inviting entrance to our basement that I often get complimented on. I love that the monogram letters from our family are used throughout the wall gallery because it is a great way to represent our family as you approach the basement family room.

Pin Inspired Source:

This project was inspired by Wall Gallery boards on Pinterest

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