Easter Egg Felt Board Activity

Creating fun, colorful Easter eggs out of felt is a great educational craft activity for kids as they prepare for their annual Easter egg hunt.

Easter eggs felt

I learnt about Pinterest awhile ago when I noticed visitors to my website and blog were coming through this particular link address. Then, shortly after my hairdresser said, “Have you heard about Pinterest?! You will love it!”

Before long, I decided I would start some boards and showcase my sites. But, at the same time, it didn’t take long before I started discovering how inspiring and user friendly Pinterest is. As an Early Childhood Educator, I find Pinterest filled with new ideas for program planning.

One of the things I look for, is new inspiration for felt board activities. In my profession, we use felt boards a great deal for story telling, singing songs and learning concepts as felt will sit on felt. Moreover, young children love the bright visual presentation.

How I did this Project

Easter is around the corner, creating activities for young children whether for home or an early childhood setting does not have to be complicated.

These matching felt eggs can be used on a flannel board or any piece of felt for children to enjoy. Matching allows young children to recognize colors and design.

An option for this activity is to make different sizes and then provide opportunities for children to label or find the egg according to the request, for instance, “find me the biggest blue egg or find me the smallest green egg”.

Pin Inspired Source

This project is inspired by my Felt Board Ideas board on Pinterest

About the Author: 

An early childhood educator, who runs her own website Circle of Ideas offering online workshops in early childhood education for professional development. I love making felt board stories which can be viewed on my blog Felt Board Ideas and my Pinterest boards.

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