Spring Wreath Craft Project with Flowers and Monogram

With so many spring wreath craft ideas on Pinterest it is very easy to get inspired to create your own. This simple spring wreath craft project features just a few select flowers and is personalized with a monogram initial.

spring wreath with monogram

How I did this project:

I decided to make this a very simple spring wreath that could easily be deconstructed later so that I could use the wreath base for another seasonal wreath project.

For the wreath base I purchased a twig wreath from Michael’s craft store (using a 40% discount code on my phone to save a few bucks!). I chose the twig wreath because it has the most natural look and would look good with minimal flower embellishments.

You can see here how I put the wreath together with a hot glue gun, a simple selection of spring flowers and a monogram initial…

spring wreath craft project

Using a glue gun I put glue on the back of the flowers and inserted them into the twig wreath to attach them to the wreath. My plan is to be able to take these flowers off later to create a wreath for another season… I may not be able to reuse the flowers but I expect to be able to reuse the wreath so that I don’t need to buy a new one for each season.

monogram spring wreath

My goal with this craft project was to create a somewhat modern looking spring wreath with not too many flowers. I’m really happy with how it turned out – gives just the right amount of “pop” on our front door without being too over the top with spring flowers.

monogram initial wreath

The monogram was really easy too. I found an “S” initial ornament in the Christmas clearance section of Kohls for only about $1 (they always have cool o=home decor accents). I snatched it up a few months ago knowing that I would eventually use it on a wreath for our front door to personalize it for our last name. I love how the sun pops on the silver monogram and how it gives my spring wreath a nice modern look.

Pinterest Inspiration

This project was inspired by my Wreaths for All Seasons board on Pinterest

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