St. Patrick’s Day Craft for Kids: Paper Bag Leprechaun Puppet

This St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids is simple to make and uses a minimum of craft materials. This also provides a great St. Patrick’s Day activity as children can put on festive puppet shows with their crafty creations.

paper bag leprechaun craft
St. Patrick’s Day Craft for Kids: Paper Bag Leprechaun

The best thing about being inspired by Kids’ crafts on Pinterest is that once you find a really good idea, you can adapt it to suit any special occasion. Turning boring old paper bags into quirky holiday characters is as simple as switching out a hat for bunny ears, or whiskers for a white fluffy beard.

How I did this Project

Children love the magic and whimsy of St. Patrick’s Day, so coming up with a couple of good craft ideas is the perfect way to share the occasion. The next step is simply collecting the craft materials:

  • Paper bag
  • Googly eyes
  • Green buttons
  • Construction paper (orange, green, black and yellow)
  • Black marker
  • Glue stick
  • Child-friendly scissors

Steps for Making a Paper Bag Leprechaun Puppet

  1. For younger children, have the pieces cut out beforehand; older children can do the cutting themselves. First, have them cut out the green rectangle for the hat, plus a longer thin strip for the brim of the hat.
  2. With a glue stick, they can glue the hat onto the top of the paper bag, followed by the brim along the bottom of the hat.
  3. Next, a black strip can be cut and glued onto the hat just over the edge of the brim.
  4. Have them cut two rectangular shapes: a yellow one and a slightly-smaller black one for the buckle. The buckle can be glued onto the center of the black strip.
  5. With a glue stick, the googly eyes and button nose can be glued on.
  6. Have them draw on a mouth with a black marker
  7. With small orange strips, have them curl each one around a pencil and then glue them around the edge of the leprechaun face for the beard.
  8. They can glue some green buttons down the leprechaun’s front for the final touch.

Pinterest Inspiration

This festive craft idea was inspired by my paper bag Easter bunny on Easter Crafts for Kids.

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