A Most ‘Egg’cellent Easter Activity for Kids: Making Easter Trees

This Easter, hop outside with the little ones to scavenge for the perfect branches to create festive egg trees. This Easter activity for kids is a fun and active way to bid a fond farewell to the winter season and welcome in spring.

easter tree craft for kids

How I did this Project

Collect your materials:

  • Tree branch
  • Hanging material for the eggs (ribbon/raffia/mono-filament line/dental floss)
  • Plastic eggs that open and snap shut
  • Pot
  • Floral foam or Styrofoam (enough to fill the size of pot chosen)
  • Scissors
  • Craft moss/colorful Easter basket filler material

Steps for Making an Easter Tree

  1. Journey outside for a festive nature walk and have the kids select their very own branch for their tree. Have the planter selected beforehand so you can help them choose one that is an appropriate size. Ones with lots of off-shoots of twigs work best for hanging the eggs. Encourage them to find branches already on the ground so no trees are damaged.
  2. Once the branch is selected, cut off a piece of foam to fit as tightly into the pot as possible. Push the foam into the pot, leaving about an inch of space at the top to cover the foam with the moss or basket filler material.  To secure the foam so it is not moving around, you can cut smaller pieces to fill in any gaps at the side. If you don’t have foam on hand, I have also seen this done by filling the pot with enough rocks to secure the branch standing upright.
  3. Have children push the branch down into the center of the foam insert.
  4. Tie enough loops out of your hanging material to hang the eggs on the tree.
  5. Have older children open the plastic eggs, place the knotted end inside, and snap the egg closed. This step does require some nimble fingers, so younger children will need you to snap the egg around the loop knot.
  6. Next comes the fun part as they can hang the eggs on the trees.
  7. Cover the exposed foam around the base of the branch with your moss or Easter basket filler material.
Easter Craft for Kids
A Most ‘Egg’cellent Easter Activity for Kids: Easter Trees

 Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest is just oozing with unique ways to use natural items like tree branches in holiday and every-day decor. With a few keystrokes and the quick press of a button, you are sure to be inspired on how to use and create your own festive Easter tree.

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Lara Smith is a freelance writer published in print and online. She is mother of three and is passionate about history, fairy tales, the home and parenting. Encouraging creativity in her children is a priority, and she does so through crafting and activity ideas, many of which she finds on Pinterest and shares here.

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