Earth Day Hands Around World Kids Paint Craft

This simple finger paint craft project inspired by Pinterest is a super cute way for to get creative in showing that they care for the environment on Earth Day or any day.

earth day world paint craft

How to do this Project:

This is a craft project that the kids did in my daughter’s Kindergarten class. The kids have been learning about Earth Day for weeks now and creating this art project was a great way for them to personally show their love of the planet and protecting the environment.

The art project is done with sheets of paper from a National Geographic magazine, but you could use construction paper, brown paper bags or any other paper that would be good for finger paint.

finger paint hands earth

Kids paint the palms of their hands with finger paint (or have an adult or friend help them) and then place their hands onto the paper with fingers spread and pointer fingers and thumbs touching. This creates space for a heart in between their hands.

The class used black paint for the hand prints, but you can use any color for the hands you want.

Then using blue and green finger paint (or you can use crayons or markers) the kids created an earth in the shape of a heart. I love the symbolism in the way this art activity is made – they are putting their hands around the earth and showing how they love and care for it.

The project is a sweet way to celebrate Earth Day or use for any environmental craft project you want to create.

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