Exercise to be Fit not Skinny Inspirational Quote

There are tons of fitness inspirational quotes on Pinterest, and this one about exercising to be fit not skinny has been making its rounds in a black and white version. Recently this multi-color version of the fitness inspirational quote caught my eye at the gym.

fitness inspiration quote


The quote (in case you can’t make out all the words) reads:

Exercise to be fit not skinny

Eat to nourish your body

And always Ignore the haters, doubters and unhealthy examples that were once feeding you

You are worth more than you realise

Returning to the gym after a way too long hiatus having kids, I find this to be a particularly inspiring quote to keep me moving and motivated exercising.

Whatever your body size, you need to be working out for yourself and stay focused on being a healthier you. You need to get negatively out of your mind, the negative or unhealthy things that keep you from being your best.

Whenever I take time out from my busy schedule to go to the gym I am always trying to stay focused on the fact that everything else can wait and spending the time to exercise and get fit is most important for ME.


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