Fairy Tale Story Learning and Art Activity for Kids

This Pinterest inspired activity is a perfect way to teach Kindergarten age kids about parts of fairy tale stories, including a fun art and writing project.

fairy tale story activity

How to do this Project

fairy tale story activityThis fairy tale story activity came from my daughter’s Kindergarten enrichment class. It starts with a collaborative activity to learn all the elements of a fairy tale. Kids participate in building all the typical parts of a fairy tale – including the characters, plot, bad guys and good guys, problems to solve, magical powers, settings and happy endings.

For the art project, kids then create their own fairy tale castle using pastels and water colors – the more colorful the better!

fairy tale art projectUsing line paper, the Kindergarten kids then wrote a sentence or two about their drawing – describing a scene from their favorite fairy tale. For this project kids added a second picture for their fairy tale scene.

This learning activity for kids helps them develop their reading skills and better understand all the important components of a story.

For my daughter’s Kindergarten class the activity ended with a “fairy tale day” where all the kids brought a fairy tale costume to school for a special class party to celebrate all that they learned about fairy tale stories.

Pinterest Inspiration

This project was inspired by many Kindergarten school activities found on Pinterest.

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