Bucket List Chalkboard Wall of Inspirations and Ideas

Creating a bucket list of things you want to do some day is a popular trend on Pinterest and everywhere else. This chalkboard bucket list full of inspiring ideas would be great for a school project, group meeting space or even a family wall.

bucket list inspirations

This particular bucket list chalkboard wall was found at my community YMCA. It quickly filled up with many interesting goals and aspirations of members.

How to do this Project

create a bucket listThe bucket list wall hanging was created to look like a giant chalkboard, but it is actually a collage of black construction paper pieced together to create a giant “chalkboard”.

A white marker was then made available to members to write on the paper creating a chalkboard effect.

A cut-out of a blue bucket was placed in the center with instructions reminding members to keep bucket list ideas, inspirations and aspirations positive.

chalkboard bucket listIt is really interesting to see all the comments and inspirational ideas written on the bucket list wall.

People wrote about their fitness goals (like running a 5k or marathon), places they would like to travel to someday (like visiting all 50 states), professional goals (like getting an advanced college degree) and personal accomplishments.

People often stop in the hallway to read all of the interesting ideas that are written on the bucket list wall. Some of the ideas were really motivating, some a bit silly, while others were great lifetime goals to achieve.

This idea could easily be used for a school or classroom, group meeting spaces or even in your family home (like a chalkboard in the kitchen for a “bucket list of things to do this year”).

What’s on YOUR bucket list??

Pinterest Inspiration

This project reminds me of other inspiring ideas I found on Pinterest as well as my fitness inspiration board on Pinterest.

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