First Grade First Day of School Picture Ideas

Originally inspired by Pinterest pictures, this first day of school for first grade photo shoot was a lot of fun to do and a great way to capture the energy and enthusiasm for the first day of school.

first grade first day of school pictures

Capturing special pictures of your kids on the first day of school is a nice tradition. But it can be more than just a quick snapshot on the way to bus stop. Make it a fun photo shoot event that gives you unusal photos that you’ll cherish forever!

How I did this Project

Last year we did a series of Kindergarten First Day of School pictures for my daughter’s first day. We decided to try to do the same pictures this year for first grade.

The first pictures we did were with the sidewalk chalk. At the top of our driveway I outlined the words “1st Grade” in chalk very large (making the 1 almost as tall as your child – if you have enough room). Then I let my daughter help color in the chalk letters. If you have a nice blacktop driveway the chalk will pop even more (sadly we got our driveway resealed a few weeks AFTER the photo shoot).

chalk first day first grade IMG_4916

We did this photo shoot the day before the first day of school and dressed her up in her first day of school outfit… its just easier to do it that way so you have time to really get good pictures.

Now the fun starts. Get a ladder out so that you can get a nice “aerial” view of the words and have your kid pose alongside the 1st Grade chalk words. Get creative and let your kid have fun with it.

I have a fairly decent digital SLR camera (the Cannon EOS Rebel T3) with a quick shutter speed that catches jumps in the air really well… making for some really cute shots. So worth it for getting great action shots of your kids that will make good print quality.

IMG_4929 first grade first day school

I also had her use her school backpack and lunch bag as props for the photos. She was twirling around her bag and running around (as I reminded her to keep looking at the camera).

1st grade first day school pictures IMG_4971

The next photo session we did by a tree in our backyard (in retrospect this one should have come first – it would have been easier for her to stay still after the longer chalk photo session).

I added First Grade Favorites to the pictures using Photoshop to personalize them more and capture some of her favorite things as she starts 1st grade.

first grade favorites picture

I had her pose in the same poses as we did for her Kindergarten first day photos… I just loved comparing the two photos to see how much she has grown up since the last year.

1st grade and kindergarten school pics

My plan is to keep doing similar photo shoots each year for elementary school first days. Eventually I will make a photo book and maybe a framed series of pictures.

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