Butterfly Princess DIY Halloween Costume for Toddlers

This butterfly princess costume is an easy do-it-yourself Halloween costume that little toddler girls will love. It’s a sweet costume that you can easily create with different crafts pieces and clothes for Halloween or everyday dress-up.

butterfly princess halloween costume

How I did this Project

This butterfly princess Halloween costume is actually something I made for my older daughter 4 years ago and I dug up the pictures to do it again for my 2 year old daughter this year. This is just another great reason to pin stuff on Pinterest – you never know when you might want to recreate something for a second child years later!

butterfly princess wings

The most important part of this costume is the wings… and you can find wings just about anywhere – at a craft store, pharmacy during Halloween season or Halloween costume shop.

I got the wings shown here at H&M… it was sold as butterfly wings and it came with a matching butterfly wand.

To recreate the costume this year I picked up some pretty pink fairy wings for my second daughter who is now 2 years old.

The pink dress was also picked up at H&M – but it was just a fun dress-up dress that was not necessarily meant to be a Halloween costume or butterfly princess dress. You could also buy a fun tulle ballerina skirt or another type of fluffy dress in any color you choose. I just thought it looked very sweet all in pink.

To complete the clothing part of the costume I picked out a plain matching pink top and pants… and of course pink shoes!

The best part was that after Halloween we added this dress to her dress-up collection and it has held up much better than some of those cheap Disney dress-up clothes (I will be using the same pink dress this year – 4 years later – to recreate the costume).

butterfly princess flower tiara

To create the flower tiara I used white pipe cleaners and tied them together to create the right size ring for her head. Then I used my glue gun to attach flower petals around the tiara. I picked up a big bag of these flower petals at the craft store for only a few dollars. I then attached very long ribbons to the tiara and strung the flowers through the ribbon – making a knot to hold them in place at varying positions along the ribbon.

butterfly-tattoo-princessThe final embellishment for the costume was butterfly tattoos for her cheeks. It would also be fun to add other butterfly accessories like a butterfly ring or barrettes for her hair.

Little toddler girls love being a fairy or a princess – and I think this costume gives them the best of both!

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