Create a Thanksgiving Wall of Thanks and Gratitude

Sharing what you are thankful or grateful for is a popular trend for Thanksgiving on Pinterest. Creating a wall of thanks and gratitude is a great craft activity idea for a classroom, community group or even just for a family.

thanksgiving wall of thanks

How to do this Project:

I found this project on the wall of my local YMCA and thought it was also a great idea to do at home for your family or in a classroom at school.

They started with a large backdrop (pieced together construction) and created a large basket typically seen in Thanksgiving themes and decor.

thanksgiving thanks craft

With the headline “What are you grateful for?” members were invited to contribute their personal thanks or gratitude for things in their life. Construction paper cut-outs of pumpkins, apples and leaves in a variety of fall colors were made available for them to fill out and attach to the wall of thanks.

People wrote about being thankful for things like their family, kids, friends, health… and even their favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal. Its a great way for people to stop and think about what they are thankful for and also inspire others to be grateful for the important things in their life.

For kids, creating the cut-outs with construction paper could be a fun craft project. Create a template with a small piece of cardboard and have them trace them on construction paper and cut them out. Kids will have fun making the shapes, filling them out and gluing or taping onto the wall. They’ll have so much fun that it may even make them want to think of MORE things they are grateful for. It’s a chance for kids to do a craft project, practice their writing and think about what they should appreciate and be thankful for in their lives.

My daughter has a similar project at school where she is cutting out different color “feathers” and attaching them to the back of a turkey. The whole family is getting involved with sharing things they are thankful for on the feathers. We hope to have it at Thanksgiving so that we can stop for a minute between the turkey and the pumpkin pie to think about the meaning of the day.

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