Mod Podge Monogram Initial Letter Craft Project

Step-by-step how to use Mod Podge to create paper covered wooden letters – a fun craft project for kids and a cute way to decorate their rooms with their monogram initials.

mod podge monogram initial letters
Mod Podge on monograms and initial letters is a very popular craft on Pinterest – so I decided that it would be a fun craft project for kids to do on New Year’s Eve this year.

Every year we have some good friends and their kids come to our house to celebrate and its always fun to have a craft planned to keep the kids busy (after they run around the house like crazy kids for a while and need to wind down). In the past we did fun decorated masks and simple foam decorated crowns… but since the kids are getting older (6-10) I wanted to do something a little more advanced this year that would be fun for them to keep as decorations in their rooms.

How I did this Project

My plan for this project was to buy some large wooden letters and use Mod Podge to decoupage them with some decorative paper and embellishments.

When I arrived at the craft store I bumped into 2 other women looking to do the same project (with using decorative paper like me and one planning to use fabric). I knew it was a popular idea, but didn’t expect it to be that popular! But luckily I was able to run my idea past two other people since it was my first time using Mod Podge.

To get started, I selected a large 6″ wooden letter representing the initial of the first name for each of the kids. I chose $5 white wooden letters because I thought they might want to create a collage and I thought some of the letter background might show.

(You can also find these white wooden letters on Amazon for only $5-6… you can also find them at craft stores like Joann Fabrics and Crafts or Michaels Crafts.)

Then I selected 12″x12″ sheets of paper in different styles and patterns (only about 25 cents each). The girls are easy because there are plenty of floral and pretty patterns to choose from. We had one boy who is a little harder to please, but I was lucky enough to find a cool baseball pattern I knew he love (I also saw soccer and camouflage that would be cool for a boy).

You can buy these sheets individually at a craft store or you can buy a pack of sheets with a variety of cool patterns (8×8 or 12×12) like the one shown to the left – Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar Paper Pad for about $10 on Amazon.

trace letter paper

The kids chose to cover the initial letters completely with the paper (although you could have them cut or tear pieces to create a collage if you want). The kids traced their letter on their paper of chose and then cut them out. To have it fit properly over the letter, you must turn the paper over so the design is on the bottom and also turn the letter over on top of the paper.

Using Mod Podge on the Letters

Buy multi packs of single use foam brushes for Mod Podge crafts
Mod Podge Gloss finish as glue and sealer

After tracing the letter, turn it back over and lightly paint on the Mod Podge with a foam brush or sponge (you may need to smooth out the Mod Podge if kids are doing it so the paper doesn’t get lumps under it).

I chose the Mod Podge Gloss Finish that can be used to decoupage on a variety of surfaces and dries clear. It’s great because it can be used as both the glue and the sealer.

Next I selected some cute stickers to decorate the letters – hearts and flowers for the girls and a cool baseball theme set for the boy. You could also buy a scrapbook theme set that comes with the paper and the stickers if you want to make it easier (and have a more cohesive look). The baseball scrapbook theme pictured to the left would make the project easier for a boy.

After the paper was traced and cut out the kids placed it carefully over the monogram letters and began to decorate them.

decorate Mod Podge letters
After the letters were decorated they painted the entire letter with Mod Podge – covering the paper and the stickers.

Mod Podge sealing paper

They take about 10 minutes or so to dry. Once they are dry the Mod Podge is a clear finish that seals the paper and stickers. The Mod Podge gives it a nice texture and effect that almost makes it look as though the patterned paper were painted on.

mod podge monogram letters

Now that I have my first Mod Podge craft project done I can’t wait to start the next one! Stay tuned…

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