Kid’s DIY Tooth Fairy Costume

Make your own unique and fun tooth fairy costume inspired by DIY no sew craft ideas on Pinterest.

tooth fairy costume

Like most little girls, my daughter loves dressing up like a fairy. She gets to wear wings and pretty dress and even carry a wand. So when she started losing teeth she got really excited about the idea of being a Tooth Fairy for Halloween.

How I did this Project

If you do a search online, there are not too many tooth fairy costume options (if you can find any at all). So you have to get a little creative and make the costume look like what you (or your child) envisions the tooth fairy to look like.

tooth fairy costume skirtHere are the pieces that we made for the Tooth Fairy Costume:

  • Tulle fairy skirt
  • Wand with large felt tooth and ribbons
  • Tooth embellished tiara with ribbons
  • Large felt tooth for shirt
  • Tooth necklace

Tulle Fairy Skirt

We started by visiting the local craft store to pick up some tulle fabric for the skirt. My initial thought was to have it all in white, but then we decided to mix in some color with pink and purple. We even found some white tulle that had rhinestones on it to add a little bling. (good tulle selections at good prices also available at

cut tulle for fairy skirtWe bought a yard of each color (dark pink, light pink, purple and white) for a total of about 4 yards (on sale so each yard cost about $1-2).

At first I wasn’t sure how to make the fairy skirt, but saw some helpful tutorials on Pinterest that show how to do a “no sew” skirt with tulle. Simply lay out the yard of tulle on the floor and cut out 2 inch strips down the length (longest part) of the tulle.

tulle fairy skirtNext, you’ll need some type of waistband for the skirt – either a piece of wide ribbon or a piece of wide elastic. I chose to use elastic so that my daughter could slide the skirt on and off without having to tie a ribbon.

Fold the long strips of tulle in half and loop them around the waistband. Pull the tulle pieces tight so that they are placed firmly on the waistband.

Continue this with all the strips of tulle (alternating colors for a pattern if you want) until you have a full, fluffy tulle skirt.

Tooth Fairy Wand and Tiara

For the Tooth Fairy Wand we purchased a round wooden stick at the craft store for about $1. It was a little too long so we cut it down to be a better wand length.

tooth template for fairy costume

To create the tooth for the wand we drew by hand a tooth shape on a thin piece of cardboard (actually used from a gift box). The cardboard was also used as a template to cut the felt that covered the cardboard. We flipped the cardboard cut out of the tooth to create the opposite side piece of the tooth (so they would match up back to back).

(We also used this same technique to create the smaller tooth for the tiara and the big tooth that we attached to the shirt.)

tooth fairy tiara wandOnce we traced the tooth onto the felt we used a hot glue gun to attach the felt to one side of each tooth. Before we attached the teeth to the wand we tied long pieces of ribbon onto the end of the wand (white and pink like the tulle).

Then we sandwiched each tooth onto the end of the stick (the end where the ribbons were tied on) using a lot of hot glue to adhere the pieces of cardboard.

For the tiara, we used a tiara from an old costume and hot glued on a smaller version of the felt covered cardboard tooth. We also tied on more ribbon on the sides of the tiara.

tooth fairy tiara

The large tooth for the shirt was embellished with more some rhinestone stickers and temporarily  sewed it onto a white long sleeve shirt (stitches were easily removed later so the shirt was not ruined).

tooth fairy necklace

For the necklace we hot glued them around a piece of ribbon that was loosely tied around her neck. Note that after we glued the teeth on the edges were a little rough on her neck, so we hot glued another piece of ribbon to the back of it and add padding – problem solved!

tooth fairy glow teethTo take the tooth fairy theme a step further, we purchased a multi pack of glow in the dark teeth and cut out the larger teeth to add accent to the tiara and create a necklace (she also wore a pair in her mouth the night of Halloween – although they don’t stay in the mouth long so be prepared for some tooth fairy drool!)


halloween-tooth-fairyTo complete the costume, we purchased $5 pink fairy wings and she wore pink pants under the fairy skirt along with some sparkly shoes. There was no doubt what kind of fairy she was for Halloween!

The end result was a really fun and unique Halloween costume that really stood out from the crowd. The only thing that would have made it better is if she had already lost her two front teeth – but she’s still working on that!

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