Creative First Day of School Photo Trends and Ideas on Pinterest

Here’s a round-up of some of the most clever and creative ideas on Pinterest for taking memorable pictures for your kid’s first day going back to school each year.

first day of school photo trends

There are so many good ideas to make your kid’s first day of school photo a creative or artistic keepsake rather than just a quick snapshot when they are dashing for the bus. With a little planning ahead of the first day of school you can create a memory perfect for sharing on Facebook or Instagram, or even framing as a work of art!

Whether you are looking to capture the memory of what your child looked like as they started school in kindergarten or first grade, or you want to start a new tradition of back to school photos for each grade of school… these popular ideas will help get you “pin inspired”!

Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboards are a standard tool in school – and using a chalkboard to display your kid’s grade is a great prop for a first day of school photo.

chalkboard sign school
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This photo found on Peanut Blossom is a super cute way to show off the grade in a back to school photo. She also has some cute jumping shots that I am a fan of too!

Printable Signs

There are lots of great sites that offer free downloadable signs that you can quickly print and use as a prop in your first day of school photo – from colorful printable signs to printable signs that look like chalkboards.

first day of school printables
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I like these signs from How Does She because they are bright and very modern looking. They have first day of school printables from kindergarten to 12th grade and the site also has some cool picture examples of how to use them. (You just need to subscribe to their email to get the free printables – along with other goodies!)

Sidewalk Chalk

This one is my favorite – and one that I choose to do as a tradition each year (well so far I did one for Kindergarten and First Grade first day… so I am on a roll!) Because it takes some time to write the grade on the driveway using chalk you may want to plan this one for the day before the first day of school.

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Check out my posts for Kindergarten First Day of School Photo and First Grade First Day Photo using sidewalk chalk on the driveway.

Kid’s Favorite Things / Interests

Another fun trend that is a great back to school photo tradition is capturing your kid’s favorite things and/or interests for each grade level. If your plan is to eventually make an album of first day of school photos this could be a great way to capture a moment in their lives (and see if they really did grow up to be a fireman or astronaut!)

First day of school favorites
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This photo that captures the moments on Mama Dish is so clever and artistic. If you have Photoshop you can easily add different favorites and interests onto a back to school photo… but there are also lots of free apps and web programs that can give you the same result (I like for creating free collages and putting text on photos).

First Day and Last Day Photos

Kids grow up SO fast… and it is really amazing to see how much they have grown from the first day of school to the last day of school. Taking a photo of your kid in the same pose, location and even same clothes can be a fun way to see what a difference a school year makes!

first day last day school photo
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These super cute pictures were found on Harper’s Happenings where she had her daughter do a first day of school and last day of school photo for preschool. When you put them side by side it is really cute to compare the two.

And of course you could also do any of the above ideas using before and after signs or adding text to the photo as before or after.

First Day Last day school photo
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I took the above picture in the same pose for my daughter’s last day of school and simply added text for the first day and last day. It was also a fun post on Facebook to show friends and family how much she has changed from the start of the school year.

Have fun capturing the moments!

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