Clever Ways to Keep Your Closet Organized

Tricks to organize and find a place for almost everything in your closet… and eliminate the clutter!

By Guest Contributor Jane Blanchard

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We all start with messy closets, it’s a fact of life. Spring cleaning season is approaching so it’s time to organize right? Ever been in the situation where spring cleaning only lasts about three months before it’s all chaos again and you’re standing there wondering what the heck happened to all those carefully placed shoes?

Here are a few clever ways to make it easy to KEEP that closet organized all year long.

1. Use a pot lid rack to organize your clutches

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Simple, sweet, and accessible. You can see all of them at once without having to rummage through a box of clutches to find the perfect one to match your dress. Plus, the spot you took it from will still be there when you come back since they won’t be falling over each other.

Bonus points if you organize them by color.

2. Increase workable space

closet rod space
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It feels crowded because there’s so much empty space above and beneath your clothes! Double up on your clothes racks to solve that problem. Keep the out of season and special occasion clothes on the top rack if it’s out of reach and flip them when the seasons change. You get double the clothes for the same amount of space.

3. Hang ’em up

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Suitcases take up tons of space, simply hang them up on the wall. To save even more space cram in things that you don’t use often or are out of season like swimsuits or winter hats.

4. A simple fixture

simple closet fixtures
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The nice thing about scarves is that you can fit a lot of them into a small space, but sometimes you’ll end up with a giant scarf knot.

With just a simple addition to your closet door, you have a place where they won’t get tangled. It’s a nice display for easy browsing and you can have a second bar with rings to hold hats and gloves as well.

5. Hanging heels

crown molding hang heels
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Maybe you have some extra crown molding left over from your latest remodel, and if you don’t it’s an inexpensive product at any home improvement store. It just happens to be a perfect match for a DIY show hanger. Like the pot lid racks, you don’t have to worry about your shoes falling over each other when you take a pair off the rack and you can see all of them at once.

6. Cute and quirky

creative closet hanging
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Find some adorable vintage folding chairs on your next thrifting trip for a fun and creative way to organize your closet. If your store your off season clothes in another room or somewhere else, this is perfect for you. The chairs fold up to a nice little wall hanging if it’s a time where your clothes take up less bulk and space.

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