New Year Mod Podge Craft Activity for Kids

Celebrate the New Year with a collage artwork kid’s activity using scrapbook paper, Mod Podge and a simple frame.

new year mod podge craft kids

Every New Year’s Eve we get together with our friends and their kids to ring in the New Year. It’s a chance for the kids to play while the adults *try* to have a bit of adult time celebrating the New Year.

In between munching on lil’ smokies and running around the house like a wild bunch of wild kids, I always try to come up with a fun kid’s craft project to keep the kids occupied for at least part of the night.

The kids in our group of friends range from 3 to 14, with both girls and boys, so its always a bit of a challenge to come up with an idea that will be fun for everyone.

Creating something with Mod Podge that can be a lasting piece of “artwork” is always a fun idea. Last year we did Mod Podge Monogram letters for each kid with their initial. This year I decided something to celebrate 2015 would be a cool idea.

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How we did the Project

For this project I first went to my local craft store and picked supplies:

  • simple frame for each kid – I chose the front loading format frames in 8 1/2 x 11
  • assortment of scrapbook paper in cool colors and designs (being sure to get some sports designs for the boys)
  • 8 1/2 x 11 card stock paper to use as the main artwork base

To get started I printed “2015” on the card stock paper in an outline format (really easy to do in Word or Power point). I made the font size large enough to cover most of the paper horizontally.

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We usually Mod Podge gloss for most of our Mod Podge craft projects because we like to put a final layer on top to seal it and give it a shiny / glossy look.

If you have never used Mod Podge before, it works like a glue to affix paper and other craft items to a surface but it also works as a top coat to seal everything for a matte or glossy finish (depending on the Mod Podge you choose – matte or glossy).

Of course before they got started we covered the entire coffee table with craft paper to protect it from any Mod Podge spills (and, yes, with young kids there’s always a few!)

new year mod podge craft

Each kid gets a 2015 (or appropriate year) card stock sheet to start their art project and we spread out an assortment of scrapbook sheets for them to choose from on the table. Each kid also gets a foam brush for the Mod Podge and there are several pairs of scissors to use (with safety scissors for the littlest one).

new year kids craft

The instructions we general to let their creativity and imagination take over – cut or tear up pieces from the scrapbook paper to create a collage on your 2015 sheet. Since the 2015 was in an outline font they could fill in the 2015 with paper or color in with colored pencils or crayons if they wanted.

kids new years eve activity

This craft activity took most of the kids almost an hour to complete – keeping them busy when all the parents had a few New Year’s Eve drinks in the kitchen! We also had a few older kids to help and supervise the younger ones.

new year craft activity

mod podge kids craftAfter the kids were done with their collage we had to set them aside and give them plenty of time to dry (particularly for the younger kids that used a bit extra Mod Podge).

After it was all done we simply popped the artwork into a frame for an instant New Year’s Eve memory to hang on their wall!

The end result was a variety of interpretations of the craft activity – with some opting to make a wild collage covering the entire paper, and others carefully cutting out designs just to fill in 2015.

And naturally everyone has to show off their impressive new art project in front of the Christmas tree 😉

new year artwork craft


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