5 Tricks That Will Make Your Home Look Like Pinterest Photos

pinterest photo tricks

Pinterest photos can be truly inspiring, especially when it comes to home décor. There’s nothing wrong with using beautiful pictures online to spruce up your personal environment as well. And you don’t have to rush this process either.

The biggest reason as to why Pinterest photos are so popular is the fact that they evoke aesthetically pleasing yet enjoyable and effortless feel. Therefore, you have to enjoy yourself in the process, too.

Your personality is the key factor in the effectiveness of your Pinterest-inspired home décor.

Metallic Craze

metallic trend

Metallic décor has taken the world by storm and there’s no lack of inspirational photos on Pinterest when this theme is concerned. Combining soft and gentle color hues with metallic paint and décor is truly one of the most popular modern trends.

You can achieve this look by introducing metallic decorative details. What’s more, waterproof metallic spray paint is an easy solution for all your surfaces. You can choose between gold, rose gold, antique gold, silver and copper spray as well as matte and shiny finishes.

The metallic vibe can be introduced in every room in the home, from living room to the bathroom.

A Touch of Color

colorful wall paintings

Statement wall paintings are undoubtedly a major part of a Pinterest-perfect home. These paintings are pretty colorful and abstract, which means that the best person for this job is you.

If you like this trend, don’t go out of your way to buy a statement painting. Make your own. You can have a lot of creative fun while doing this and since the emphasis is on the dreamy and flowy color pattern, you don’t have to concern yourself with your artistic abilities.

Use this project as a way to relax and meditate while letting your brush strokes paint the world inside you. And if you really enjoy cool storage solutions with repurposed cardboard boxes and other containers, paint those too to match the feel of the statement painting.

Plants Everywhere

plants in homes trend

This is a very interesting Pinterest trend. It involves minimalism that’s broken only with the help of greenery.

Most of the photos featuring this trend include plain white walls and clean, clutter-free surfaces. A darker shade of wooden elements is what breaks the coldness of white.

You can place your favorite plants and flowers around your home. For the final touch, use small and medium wooden picture frames with a white background where you will display pressed plants as well.

This is a really unique aesthetic that is actually very easy to achieve if you can opt for minimalist lifestyle.

Attention to Detail

decor details

There’s no need to clutter your home with numerous bits and bobs in order to achieve the warmth and texture of a lovely Pinterest-like home. Simply be a bit more attentive to detail when you choose your cushion covers, curtains and rugs.

If these are plain, you may struggle constantly in order to introduce more personality into your home but only end up with a mess. Basically, be very specific when looking for mentioned accessories.

Look for cushion covers that make you feel happy. Consider only those curtains that match your sensibility. Luckily, you have plenty of options when it comes to rugs. Today you can even find amazingly beautiful kids rugs on the internet.

Remember, adding a personal touch to the floor can lift up the atmosphere a lot more than figurines and other trinkets that clutter the area.

Play with Headboards

unique headboards

Headboards have been really popular on Pinterest lately and they are no longer reserved just for your bed. Basically, you can create a breathtaking headboard for your bed, sofa, desk and any other specific place in your home.

There are also various DIY ways to achieve this. Self-adhesive wallpaper, repurposing some old household items, chalk paint, printed motivational quotes and decorative glass and stone mosaics are only some of the possible ideas when it comes to a unique and personal accent headboard.

Looking at Pinterest photos can get a bit overwhelming.

There are just so many different ideas that seem perfect when you look at them. But the truth is that you can’t really apply every single Pinterest trend in your own home just because it looks nice. Therefore, focus on something that feels right for you before even going on Pinterest for inspiration.

Opt for one direction in style and go from there. That way you’ll find a lot more meaningful and useful ideas compared to aimless browsing through numerous styles and décor options.

About the Author: 

Gabriella Diesendorf is a writer for lifestyle site highstylelife.com.

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