How to Create a Reading Corner in Your Child’s Room

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It’s of the utmost importance that we nurture the habit of reading amongst children since their early age. It will help them develop their literacy skills, imagination and give them an opportunity to find valuable role models among the characters of various books. Thus, under no circumstances should you forget to incorporate a reading corner into your child’s room.

In order to help you, we have prepared a couple of useful suggestions on this topic.

Choose the Right Spot

When deciding which part of the room can easily be turned into a reading corner, you have to take several factors into account.

First of all, this spot should have enough natural light during the day so that your children don’t strain their eyes trying to read their favourite books.

Additionally, you should make sure that this part of the room is located far from all possible distractions, such as TV or a computer. This way, your child will know that once they enter their “reading zone,” the TV will be out of their reach and that they should solely concentrate on reading.

Make it Interesting

Children’s attention spans are very short, so, if you want them to concentrate for a longer time on a certain activity, you must make it very interesting for them. Aside from choosing books with exciting storylines, you should make sure that their reading corner is inviting.

First of all, you can paint it in their favourite colour and decorate walls with the pictures of their favourite characters. Additionally, you can try to make their corner unique by adding an amazing Cattywampus tepee, which will be a cute reading nook just for your child.

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Remember that children like having something that others don’t.

Buy Comfortable Furniture

Another extremely important thing is that your child’s reading corner is comfortable. Children’s developing bodies are very sensitive, that’s why you should go for a comfy chair which will provide great support for their backs.

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Additionally, make sure that the table is not too high since you want your child to sit in an appropriate position while reading. However, apart from a chair and a desk, you can buy a squashy bean bag and a colourful rug which will add a nice touch to the appearance of the reading corner.

Make it Colourful

You may like perfectly-matched colours, but remember that children are not really fashionistas. All they care about is that the colours in their rooms are bright and funky.

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In order to make them happy, forget the rules and follow their wishes. If you want them to spend time reading in their special corner, you must design it the way they like it.

For example, you can display their drawings on the wall. Not only will they add some colour to their reading corner, but they will also show your child that you are proud of their work, and there is no better motivation for them than that.

Stick to Child-friendly Storage

Another important aspect you must consider is storage. If you plan to supply your child with an abundance of different books, you must think of the best possible ways of storing them.

However, aside from making sure that there is enough room for all the books, you must take your children’s needs into account as well, and make the storage space child-friendly. In other words, you have to be sure that all the books are within your child’s reach.

So, don’t put the shelves too high on the wall since not only will you discourage your child from reading, but they won’t be able to put the books they’ve read back on the shelf. This also means you will be cleaning the mess after them.

Let them Choose

Finally, we want to stress how important it is to include your child in the process of designing their reading corner and let them choose.

As we have already mentioned, you shouldn’t put your wishes and ideas before theirs since they are the ones who should feel comfortable in their own room. Additionally, by respecting their wishes, you’ll show them that you don’t take them for granted, and every child loves being considered responsible as if they were adults.

As you can see, creating a reading corner for your child is not that hard after all. All you need to do is make sure that it’s comfortable, inviting and well-equipped. Finally, don’t forget to take your child’s wishes into account.

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