Creative Ways to Decorate Around the TV

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While TVs aren’t as bulky as they used to be, and can now look much flattering to the rest of the home decor, it’s still sometimes challenging to make it completely blend in the space.

You need to place it in the way that is easily visible from various angles, while not making it the focal point of the room.

Check out some of the creative ways that will help you design the area around the TV beautifully and have a perfectly decorated room.

A wall Unit

An entertainment console with matching bookshelves is one of the easiest ways to incorporate TV into the room design. Framing the wall-mounted TV with a set of bookshelves creates a cohesive look, while allowing you to decorate the shelves with your favorite knickknacks, picture frames, books or other accessories.

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A great looking chest can be a good addition to the TV area, since it has plenty of room for storage, and it complements the room décor perfectly. If you place a chest between two windows, and mount a TV above it, the softness of the window treatments will ease the transition from the TV to a window and ultimately to a wall. If the TV is black and the walls white, you’re achieving the ultimate clean and elegant look.

Above the Fireplace

If the room layout, fireplace set-up and furniture placement support this option, a TV can look fabulous above the fireplace. Whether you choose to put it in plain sight, mounting a TV on a wall above the fireplace, and decorating the top part of the fireplace with some flower arrangements, or you opt for an artwork that will cover the TV when you’re not using it ‒ either will look amazing and unique.

TV Room decor

Layer it Up

Have you ever thought about framing up the TV? Using an interesting picture frame to add layers to the TV can look chic.

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Consider placing a bench in front of a console table to layer up on the art. This way you’ll add a creative feel and more dimension to an entire design. With a couple of elegant decorations, like picture frames and flowers the TV nook will look fascinating.


Add a TV in your custom built-ins and create a special nook that is also a part of the living room’s focal point. This is another perfect way to incorporate TV cohesively into the whole design. Just make sure the TV antenna is properly installed and secured in the back.

Sometimes you may end up with a malfunction that’s really hard to fix, so it’s important to call professional TV antenna installation services, that will properly connect the antenna and set up the TV.

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If the shelves and walls are white, go a step further and paint the back of the built-ins in charcoal, if the shelves and walls are white. Having a black TV in this setting helps the TV become a more cohesive part of the space.

A Gallery Wall

Since modern day TVs are thin and perfect for mounting on the wall, they can be a part of the gallery wall quite easily. If you have plenty of paintings and photographs hung upon the wall, incorporating a TV into the whole design can be a creative way to decorate around the TV. Therefore, display your favourite art collection together with TV and create a unique gallery wall in your own living room.

In a sea of different decorating ideas, sometimes it’s difficult to choose just one. However, we believe that with those we’ve suggested you can easily combine a couple of them, and create a unique decor for the TV area in your home, without trouble.

All you need is a bit of inspiration and creativity to have a nicely decorated TV nook.

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Diana Smith is a interior design and DIY project enthusiast.

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