Tips on Designing an Eclectic Bathroom

eclectic bath design

Designing a bathroom can be a tricky business. The room needs to be functional and properly designed for its purpose, but you should also add a unique touch to its design and make it a part of your home and its already developed style.

On the positive note, the fact that the room is private also allows you to experiment more with its appearance and accessories. For example, you could be eclectic in your tastes and let it all show in different corners of your bathroom. The variety of styles will only make it more cozy and comfortable.

Here are some ways you can design with an eclectic bathroom space.


It doesn’t matter how modern the rest of your bathroom is, vintage looking cabinets can always fit in and add a touch of elegance to it. Walnut cabinets are an especially nice choice because they are dark enough to create a contrast for marble tiles and countertops.

vintage cabinets

Hammered metal accents and mirrors with metal frames also look great in contrast to these kinds of cabinets. Obviously, it’s also possible to make the vintage look a theme and not just an exception and design the whole bathroom to match the cabinets in tone and style.

Vanities as furniture

Your vanity could be used as a practical piece of furniture providing a lot of additional space and giving your bathroom a Victorian-era look and feel. It’s best to use coffee-colored wood because it works great with white and yellow, which are common choices for tiles and bathroom floors.

vanity furniture

Nickel drawer pulls will make a nice addition as well, making the vanity feel more elegant and distinguished. A well-placed mirror can have a similar effect, especially if you match the tone of the frame with the vanity.

A round tub

Stand alone round tubs have become quite popular recently. For those who can afford them and (which is usually a bigger problem) have enough room to place them, these tubs will become a centerpiece of the bathroom. Round freestanding tubs are larger than standard tubs, which makes them perfect representatives of luxury and indulgence.

round bathtub design

Use a neutral color scheme and add mosaic tiles to give the whole place the final luxurious touch. If it’s in any way possible, try to have enough natural sunlight coming through. Limestone floors will complement your tub well because it’s a traditional choice and creates a great contrast with a modern looking bath.


A lighting choice can either greatly enhance the aesthetic value of your bathroom or make it look ordinary and boring. Start with the vanity and mirror. The goal is to light them evenly and minimize the glare, thus making the vanity functional.

bathroom lighting

For the rest of the bathroom, use slick modern LED lights, which will provide enough light but save more energy. Additional lights may be added to the shower area, but this is best left to a professional electrician.

Concrete Counter Tops

Concrete counter tops are a practical and elegant addition to your bathroom. They can be molded into any shape, which means that you can customize them to your liking. Moreover, coating them is also very easy to do, so you can make them look both rustic and polished depending on your taste. They look best in earth tones, since that creates a nice contrast to the mirrors and other more modern elements.

concrete countertops

Counter tops are usually one and a half inches thick but they can also be thicker if needed. Smooth and strong concrete doesn’t require too much maintenance and works well in busy bathrooms.

Stone tubs

Stone bathtubs have been around since the 17th century and that’s something to have in mind when installing one. They look vintage and elegant, so it might be a bit harder to match them with a bathroom that’s too modern looking.

electic bathroom design

These baths are smooth to the touch and even though they are made of stone, they are the most comfortable choice you could make. Once you get one, you can rest assured that the tub will last for generations. Also, you could end up saving on electricity bills because stone retains heat much better than any modern material.


Bathrooms can be decorated with lush greenery just like any other room, but it can sometimes be difficult to find plants that would grow and thrive in such an environment. If you don’t have enough natural light, don’t even bother because nothing will grow without it.

bathroom plants

Aloe Vera is the most popular choice because it’s both decorative and healthy and it’s resilient enough to grow pretty much everywhere. Begonias work as well and they can fully bloom even while inside–in fact, it’s necessary to bring them indoors during the winter. Bamboos are also great because they require very little light to grow.

A Shower

A shower screen can be added to almost any bathroom and it will work well with any design, but they look best in modern and slick bathrooms.

If you’re looking for a perfect shower screen, Shower screens in Brisbane have only small modifications in style, but once they are in a bathroom, every detail matters. Simple square or rectangular screens can create a clean and neat look, which means that the entire bathroom will need to match that neat appearance. Semi frameless screens look best when there are similar doors as well, while the completely frameless ones are the most expensive and actually add value to the whole property since they are made of toughened glass.

shower design


All of the aforementioned ideas can look elegant and vibrant on their own, but they can also be mixed and matched with each other. The hard part is to find a way for them to work together and to form a cohesive aesthetic layout that won’t seem too overwhelming. The only way to accomplish that is to know what kind of bathroom you want before you start designing it.

bathroom design

The eclectic style works well in a bathroom, so don’t be afraid to add pieces from different eras and mix things up a bit. Comfort and enjoyment is key, and in the end, your bathroom should be your personal place of satisfaction and relaxation.

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