Best Decorative Solutions for a High Ceiling

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Homes with high ceilings provide plenty of possibilities for enticing home décor. However, without the right approach or with the lack of appropriate decoration, high ceilings can create an atmosphere of emptiness, vastness and even coldness.

Luckily, interior design offers a variety of decorative solutions for high ceilings that will create a stylish, warm and welcoming ambiance.

An Accent Wall as a Décor Statement

You shouldn’t see high ceilings as intimidating, but as blank canvases waiting to be decorated. And what’s better way to decorate a wide white wall than as an accent one. Not only will you accentuate height in a positive way, but you’ll also bring colour and intricate designs into your home.

This is also a great opportunity to break a monotonous monochromatic look of a neutral palette. An intricately designed or delicately painted accent wall will be a focal point of your room that will accentuate the beauty of your high ceiling.

accent wall

Lighting for the wow effect

Not only can lighting create an intimate ambiance, but lighting fixtures can also be used as accent details. High ceilings allow you to experiment with different fixtures you can use to make a bold statement.

For example, you can opt for stylish pendant lighting to add elegance to your room. To create a lavish look, you can introduce glamorous chandeliers. If you have an open-floor plan, you can use lighting fixtures to subtly divide different areas. Several chandeliers can be used for the living room, while beautiful pendant lights can be placed in the kitchen.

pendant lightings

The Rule of Thirds

There’s a simple rule that will help you decorate your space and use high ceilings to your advantage. It’s called the rule of thirds and it entails dividing your walls into three equal parts, each one being a different design level. This way, you’ll create a balanced look when decorating your space.

The bottom level is the basis for your furniture and other decorative elements. The middle level can be used for beautiful paintings and other art collections. Finally, the third and the highest level should remain empty.

The Beauty of Art

Artwork is an essential element in interior design, but even more so when it comes to the decoration of homes with high ceilings. Introducing paintings to your home will bring in a certain liveliness, elevate your décor and add elegance. In addition, artwork will provide you with an opportunity to express yourself and your taste.

Display your favorite pieces and your space will breathe with uniqueness and personality. You can experiment with different ways of grouping your art, but you should try to place the paintings at eye level. To create a more cohesive look, you can use the motifs and colors from your paintings throughout the room. Match them to accent details, such as curtains, rugs, lamps and even furniture.

artwork decor

The Importance of Fabrics

One of the biggest disadvantages of high ceilings is echo. Not only does this make conversations unpleasant because of the constant ringing, but it also makes a room seem empty and cold. However, there’s a simple solution to this problem – fabrics.

You should introduce fabrics as much as possible because they will absorb the sound while elevating the style of your room. Your options are endless, especially if you aren’t afraid to experiment.

You can use fabrics to introduce intricate patterns and bold colors to your space. Not only will this break a monochromatic look, but it will also add character to your home. In addition, you will create an ambiance of warmth and coziness that will make your space seem more welcoming.

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Think in terms of fluffy cushions and soft blankets on sofas and armchairs and cozy area rugs. For a more layered look, you can place several rugs on top of each other. This will add depth to your room while simultaneously elevating your design.

There’s plenty of decorative solutions for high ceilings, each one more enticing than the other. With the right approach and imagination, you’ll emphasize the beauty of your home.

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