4 Ways to Prepare Kids for Kindergarten

prepare kids kindergarten

Many parents will agree that starting kindergarten is probably one of the biggest milestones both the parents and their children go through. And it really is a milestone considering this is the very beginning of your child slowly becoming independent and self-confident.

While kindergarten will bring plenty of excitement to your child’s and your life, it’s not that easy to simply drop off our little one and carry on. It’s important for both parents and the child to be aware of the big change happening in their lives.

Talk with your Child

Children need reassurance so talk with your child and prepare them for this big change in their life. But be careful how you approach this topic; you don’t want to brush it off and tell your child that it’s not a big deal, but neither should you indicate that going to the kindergarten is some horrible thing that is about to happen in their life.

prepare kindergarten

My son didn’t go to preschool, so it was a very big deal when he was about to start kindergarten and in order to make it exciting and fun, I decided to buy him some special things like ‘first day shirt’ and a new teddy bear only for kindergarten.

You can prepare your youngster by buying them a cute water bottle, or a lunch box with their favorite superhero or character from a movie. All these little things will tell your kid that kindergarten is something exciting and fun but also important.

Tour the School

Thankfully, many kindergartens in Australia have an orientation for pre-kindergarteners and this is a great idea to do when your little one is about to start kindergarten.

tour kindergarten school

When my son was about to start a lovely child care center in Chermside, we took him to his future school so he could get familiar with the facility. It’s a good idea to take your child to their future kindergarten at different times during the day so they can see other kids coming and going home or playing and learning with other kids.

You can also take them to the bus stop in the morning so they’ll see kids boarding the bus and going to school; this will make them more comfortable with the everyday routine of going to kindergarten.

Expand your Child’s Mind

Your kid will want to know what they’ll be doing in the kindergarten so before they start, you can slowly and informally start teaching your child about numbers and letters and colors as you go about your day.

get kids ready for kindergarten

For example, they can count the toys they have, or ask them to find all objects in the house starting with a specific letter, or they can identify colors on their favorite food. By casually playing like this, your child will also learn all the basic things they need to begin kindergarten.

Focus on Social Life

Before starting kindergarten, your little one needs to be aware that, from now on they’ll be surrounded with other kids and this is something they might need to get used to in case they haven’t attended preschool.

You should also consider enrolling your child in some group activities like music class or sports. This way, they’ll learn how to collaborate with other kids and they’ll be comfortable working and playing with others more easily. You can also encourage your child to participate in group activities by taking them to playgrounds, pools, libraries or other neighboring places where they can meet other kids and learn to play with them.

It won’t be long before your baby is off to college or getting married. Now is the time to really have fun during this exciting period of your youngster’s life. So, make the most of it, enjoy it as much as you can and cherish it as much as possible.

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Gabriella Diesendorf is a writer for lifestyle site highstylelife.com.

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