8 Bathroom Trends to Keep in Mind in 2017


It may not seem so, but people actually want to feel great inside a bathroom. After all, it is a very frequently used room. As a matter of fact, while the living room may leave the first impression of a home (which is very important), it’s the bathroom that people truly fall in love with.

Here are eight bathroom trends to expect for the remainder of 2017.

Darker Colors

darker colors bathroom designWe’ve seen the trend of darker, moodier colors used in many kitchens and it’s starting to spread. Somber, dramatic colors are expected to be the name of the game when it comes to 2017 and gold accents make for a perfect balance – they prevent this darker look to feel too gloomy.

Mediterranean-inspired Design

Mediterranean bathroom design

Mosaic tile is unavoidable for a true Mediterranean vibe and it also helps inspire your space with a rich look. Of course, you should avoid using the mosaic tile throughout your bathroom – use it as an accent in the shower or tub area or as a backsplash.

Rustic/industrial Elements

rustic bathroom design

Exposed copper pipes and rustic/industrial elements are a great way to bring in texture and are also currently extremely trendy. To complement this vibe, use worn woods, exposed brick and concrete accents.


white bathroom design

Classic whites are like denim jeans – this color never really goes out of style, and you can’t go wrong with them. The old-school white subway tile is a perfect choice – it can be paired with almost any look; for example, you can use it as the base for the casual industrial style, but also dress it up with traditional furniture and fixtures.


practical bathroom design

The 21st century is an age of pragmatism and practicality. Ease of use is the name of the game nowadays and no-threshold showers, comfort-height toilets, vanities and side-mount faucets are extremely popular!

Additionally, curbless showers are much easier to clean than regular ones and they can be fitted in accordance with your bathroom size, while making it look and feel bigger. Another cool and trendy idea is creating a combination of a bathtub/shower wet room which is immensely cool!

Media and Music

bathroom design

Electronics in the bathroom? Believe it or not, this is becoming more commonplace by the minute. Equipping your bathroom with wireless speakers, Bluetooth devices and docking stations and incorporating these into bathroom mirrors and vanities is a great way to provide maximum relaxation for your 2017 bathroom! There are even all-in-one showerhead and speaker combos available on the market. Talk about multitasking!

You can even install a TV or computer screen for maximum relaxation with your favorite show, while soaking in a warm bath.

Water Saving

water saving bathroom design

The one bathroom trend that is guaranteed to stay and grow well beyond 2017 is the trend of conscious water consumption. Modern baths can be stylish, but also equipped with water-saving fixtures. They might cost a bit more than the regular ones, but keep in mind that water saving also means money saving.

In-floor Heat

Nothing worse than bare feet and a cold floor during wintertime, especially in the mornings. Radiant floor heat is both amazingly pleasant and energy-efficient, seeing as how the heat is warming you from the bottom up.

in floor heat bathroom design

There are two types of radiant flooring; one is electric mats, which are easier to install and less expensive, seeing as how you don’t need a separate system to run the heat. The second type of radiant flooring, the hydronic systems, are more expensive to install, but are much more affordable to operate, which means that they pay off in the long run!

The eight mentioned trends are here to stay in 2017 and likely well beyond it. The combination of vintage styles, modern styles, practicality and technology is the way of the current year and bathroom trends are no exception!



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