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All we need from you are some details about your project, how you did it and a link to where you got your inspiration (such as a Pinterest board, pinner or your own website).

Of course we’ll also need at least one good picture of the final project – but feel free to send us more to show how you did the project too! Once we get your project details we’ll reply with where to email the photos. Note that we reserve the right to use our Pin Inspired insignia on any of the photos used on our site.

What’s in it for you?

You’ll get the satisfaction of showcasing a great Pin Inspired project, promotion of it through our social media accounts and a link back to your Pinterest board or website! Repeat project contributors also have the opportunity to become a Pin Inspired Author and earn a revenue share from your contributions to our site. 

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Note: if you have more than 1 photo to share you can either submit the form multiple times or make a note in the comments section of the form that you have more photos and we will email you with instructions for sending multiple photos. We will also send a confirmation email to you when you photo(s) is posted!

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